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Publak RealEstate

Who are we

Publak Real Estate is helping its clients with every type of properties related services. We are providing Buying and selling Services, Construction services and Renting services in any fields, like commercials, residential, plots, houses, apartments and other property with best quality and lowest possible price.

What we do

Publak Realestate is running running an online web portal publakrealestate.com where all properties agents are listed as well as all available properties from different locations are also listed. You can contact us or you can visit our website for every type of property related services. Just visit our website publakrealestate.com and find your desired location property or property agent. Traditionally, properties are found by driving around and looking for ads in the local newspapers. A more efficient way is to use the online portal where many agents are available to guide and many properties are already listed for sale or rent. Publak real estate is doing the same work by connecting the right buyer with the right seller. People become millionaires in a short time period with property trading. Because of land value appreciation. Value addition to the raw commodity has a good return as well but it’s the actual price of land which seems to land higher profits. The opportunity to make money in real estate is open always for everyone and it does not require any kind of special education or skill.

Success Stories

Publak Real Estate has been a success so far. We have around 1000+ customers in several areas of Islamabad. We have outdone our competitors by providing amazing services
The complete success of our services has been mentioned below

  • You can sell every kind of property through our platform. We have sold over 1000+ properties so far. Currently, we have around 500+ customers which avail our services every month.
  • We also helped people thousands of properties through our platform. We have helped individuals buy 1000+ properties from our platform. Right now, we have 400+ customers which avail our services every month.
  • Through several years of operation, we have also helped individuals rent properties from our site. We have rented over 1000 properties from our platform. Currently, we have around 500+ customers which avail our services every month.
  • We also provide in-depth real estate advice to our customers. We have given advices to over 1000 customers from our platform. We have around 500+ customers which avail our services every month.

Contact Us

You can contact us through phone or our email address
+971 55 7333 657, +92304 5276650

Our Services

Publak Real Estate provides several services to its customers. Some of the top services of our company are as follows

• We provide the most amazing rates for properties of homes, plots, flats and other kinds of commercial property.

• We listen to the needs and requirements of the customers to form a unique customer base.

• We have amazing agents which are available to meet all your property needs.

• We have several featured properties on our website.

• We provide in-depth expertise and real estate advice to our customers.

• Our clients can also rent properties through our website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our FAQ's

Ans. Through the years, Publak Real Estate has helped thousands of individuals get their dream home. We have agents available to meet all your needs. Therefore, you should definitely choose Publak Real Estate services.

Ans. Currently, our real estate services are only restricted to Islamabad.

Ans. You can contact us through phone and email.
+971 55 7333 657, +92 304 5276650

Ans. Yes, we offer complete renting services to individuals.

Ans. To book a property through our website, follow these steps:
Firstly, check out our website.
Select a property according to your requirements and drop an enquiry for it.
Click on your property. We will do all the paperwork

Ans. Once we know your requirement, we will contact you within 10 to 15 minutes.