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Aamer Habib

Aamer Habib – International Journalist – TV Presenter

Aamer Habib (Urdu: عامرحبیب) is an international journalist, television presenter, social media influencer, and information and content provider registered under Govt. of Pakistan (SECP) and United Arab Emirates (Dubai Media City). Started his career from Pakistan Television (PTV), he worked as an independent and journalist for many years in investigative journalism and article writing. He has started his own Media house with the name of “Public TV Media” and a News Organization (A United Force News).

Media and Business Expert

Aamer Habib is also a well-known business, advertising, marketing, branding and media expert with 10 years of experience. He is a business researher, developer and dealer. He has developed many business and sold out. Currently he is running just a consultancy firm with the name of Aamer Habib Consultancy and also managing a Media and Marketing center (Public TV media and marketing) and a news organization, A United Force (A.U.F) and a research and development center A United Pakistan (A.U.P)

Aamer Habib Consultancy & Services

Aamer Habib is providing consultancy services in Pakistan as well as in UAE with an experience of consultancy services providence to 300 companies. The mission of Aamer Habib Consultancy and Services team is to never say a “no” in providing you with the best of help and solutions of problems in the mentioned fields including

(i) A to Z Business Solutions. (ii) Business Research and Development
(iii) Virtual Assistant (People Per Work). (vi) A to Z Media Solutions.
(v) HR (Jobs & Employees) Solutions. (vi) Profit building Consultancy & Services.
(vii) Buying, Selling & Renting Facility. (viii) Designing & Printing Services.
(ix) Video Production & Promotions. (x) Training & Coaching Solutions.
(xi) Event and Networking Solutions. (xii) Rent a Car, Car Trading & Transportation

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Political Programs
General Videos and Reports
Short and Informative Reports
Health, Fitness & Programs


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