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Aamer Habib

Aamer Habib – Introducation

My Name is Aamer Habib (Urdu: عامرحبیب). I am from Pakistan but living in UAE. I am working as a Businessman, Journalist, Business and investment Consultant. I am running 10+ Companies, 5+ start-ups and 10+ YouTube Channels. I have 20+ income related skills. I learnt many skills from Famous Coaches and Trainers like Javed Chaudhry and Qasim Ali Shah, Pushkar Raj Thakur and Few others.

Aamer Habib Skills & Consultancy Services

I learned 20+ income related skills from different trainers, coaches and experts. And now I am teaching, consulting and guiding other people how they can learn and earn more money. My successful students are 300+ in UAE and Pakistan. How can I help you?
My Skills and Consultancy Services.
1) How to start new business successfully with low investment?
2) How to grow or expand any business for more income?
3) How to earn money in real estate investment and business?
4) How to earn by investing in stock Market and Risk Management?
5) How to earn by investing and trading in Dubai Financial Market DFM?
6) How to earn by investing and trading in stocks, commodities and Forex?
7) How to start ecommerce business?
8) 10 Ways to earn Passive incomes Like (Property).
9) How to earn money from social media especially YouTube Earnings?
10) How to earn by drop shipping or brokerage Or affiliate marketing
11) How to earn money by Recruitment services
12) Sales, Digital Marketing and branding Sills
13) How to earn by teaching or consulting others
14) How to reduce weight Fast and best medicines
15) How to become journalist or a story teller
16) Business Rules and Regulations in UAE
17) Business Rules and Regulations in Pakistan
If you also want to learn how to earn more money or you want any other solution including, business, sales and advertising, investment or any other just book you appointment now.