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Who are we

Public TV Media is a television channel with the aim of Latest News, Investigative Programs, Talk Shows, Business programs, Health and Fitness programs and Funny Programs. Public TV Media is register in Pakistan under act 2017 in SECP.

What we do

Publak TV Media is an online platform which provides best and latest news, business program, health and fitness program, and talk shows. We have been operational in both Dubai and Islamabad for quite some time. We also provide search engine optimization, social media advertising, business consultancy, A to Z digital marketing, mobile marketing, and Instagram marketing advertising.

Our Services

For the sake of finding the data relevant to advertising & marketing, businessmen take support of internet websites to setup business design. Though advertising & marketing are considered similar but there is huge difference between both.

Search Engine Optimization Social Media Advertising Web Development & Designing
Video Production Google Adwords Management Mobile App Development
Freelancing Business Planning and Development Creative Writing
Video Promotion A to Z Digital Marketing One Stop Media Buying House
Professional Content Writing & Marketing Map Listing Instagram Advertising & Marketing
Youtube Advertising & Marketing Sms Email & Marketing Designing & Marketing

Success Stories

Public TV Media has been quite successful so far. The company provides amazing services. The YouTube channel of Public TV Media is also quite popular throughout the world. People throughout the world visit the website of Publak TV and get information about its amazing content.

Here is the complete list of the success of the services provided by Public TV Media:

Public TV Media has provided amazing business ideas and plans for several enterprises. The company has provided business ideas and plans to over 400+ customers. Currently, we have around 250 customers which avail our ideas and plans every month.

We also provide answers to our amazing customers regarding how to sell their business. Until now, we have helped around 400+ customers, to setup their business. Currently, we have around 300 customers which avail our services.

Once a company has setup its business, we provide complete guidance regarding how to run the business successfully. Currently, we have around 500+ customers which we have helped to setup their business.

We also provide business management services to our customers. We have around 400+ customers which we provide business management services. Currently, we have around 200+ which get our management services every month.

Our business operational services have given us around 400+ customers. Currently, we have around 300+ customers which avail our operational services.

We also provide business buy and sell services to our customers. Currently, we have helped around 500+ customers to buy and sell their businesses.


We are a worldwide business consulting firm. Our business is making organizations more important. Business consulting incorporates an expansive scope of exercises, and the many firms and their individuals regularly characterize these practices in an unexpected way. One approach to order the exercises is as far as the expert’s subject matter, (for example, aggressive examination, corporate technique, operations administration, or HR). Be that as it may, by and by, the same number of contrasts exist inside these classifications as between them.

Every type of Business Solution
PTV Media is providing all types of business management and consultancy services like
Business Plan
Business ideas and advice
Business Setup
Business running guidance
Business Operational assistance
Business problems management and guidelines.

Business Plan

Business plan is a planning to meet business goals, sales target and marginal profit. Each and every employee should reach their individual target to secure high ranking in market. We have to reconsider the plan to reach them in a recent market value.

Business Setup

Business setup means to start a company or to run a company. There are lot of questions arises to the beginners to start a company. Media will help us to clear the doubts and give a perfect solution for this.

Business Ideas & Advice

When we run a business, it was not run by alone. We must have help from other successful business emperors. Choosing a right among them is the one of the crucial task or risk taken in a business from many ideas.

Business Running Guidance

The first guideline to run a business is analyzing the market. The analyzing of market means identifying the market value, overall consumption and price. The market demand may vary in different places.

Business Operational Assistance

The business is ready to accomplish to execute a specific target in market is mainly meant by operational assistance. Our benefit in a business is evaluated from the success of the business.

Business Problem Management

During a business lifetime, the chance of problem arises is not a crucial factor. Every successful story has bitter backgrounds likewise; a businessman would face major issues regarding a risky step. This will not affect the development of a business.

Strategic & Organizational Planning

When we run a business, it was not run by alone. We must have help from other successful business emperors. Choosing a right among them is the one of the crucial task or risk taken in a business from many ideas.

Business Buys and Sells Services

Business mainly correlated with buying or selling goods or services. The companies have a better turn over with purchasing and sales of items. They took major partners from a commercial side to buy a perspective material.

Business Marketing And Branding

Branding is major aspect in business also to uniquely identifying company name, logo and symbol. An effective branding makes the success of a business increasingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our FAQ's

Ans. We are located in G 11 Markaz G-11, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, Pakistan

Ans. You can contact us through phone or email: +971558911129 , +971564872772 , +923128595925 info@publictvmedia.com, publictvmedia@gmail.com

Ans. Publak TV Media provides a long list of services to its valuable customers, which include:
 Search Engine Optimization
 Social media advertising
 Business advertising
 Google Ad words management
 Mobile app development
 Web designing and development
 A to Z video production
 One Stop Media Buying
 Professional content writing and management