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Publak Wheels

Who are we

Publak wheels is a one stop centre for every type of vehicles need, located in Dubai and Islamabad. We are helping everyone who wants to,
Buy or sell used or new vehicle
Buy or sell new or used bike
Buy or sell any spare parts for vehicles and bikes
Maintenance for their vehicles and bikes
Documentation process
Media and Promotions for anything
Part Time Income

What we do

Our Mission is to solve every type of vehicles and wheels related problems at one point with 100% Guarantee. Our daily goal is to solve at least 35 to 50 Customers problems in Dubai and Islamabad. You can buy and sell bikes, cars, spare parts and heavy vehicles from our website.

Success Stories

Publak Wheels provides the facility of buying and selling the cars. We have around 1000+ customers which have bought or sold cars from our platform.

  • We also provide bike buying and selling services. We have over 1000+ customers who have bought or sold cars from our platform.
  • We also provide car rental services to our customers. We have over 1000 customers who use the car rental services from our platform each month.
  • We provide complete maintenance services to individuals. We have facilitated over 1000 customers who use our maintenance services each month.

Why Us

• 1000+ cars to choose from
• Product Security and Guarantee
• We are responsible and guarantor for good deal
• Buy or sell with a simple, quick and easy process
• Good deal for both parties
• Complete solution at one point
• Free Consultation and guidelines
• No Hidden Charges
• 100% Honesty guarantee
• Time Saving process
• Online Reports
• Best repairing and maintenance services
• Competitive market prices

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our FAQ's

Ans. Publak Wheels is located at 1st F, O no 1. Arshad Sharif Plaza. G-11 Markaz.

Ans. If you are a UAE resident, you are required to submit:

• Copy of Passport
• Copy of Residential Visa
• Valid UAE Driving License
• Copy of Emirates ID

If you are a Tourist visiting the UAE, you need to submit:

• Passport
• Visit Visa
• Home Country Driving License
• International Driving Permit
• Passport holders of GCC, US, UK, Canada and certain other countries can drive on their home country license in the UAE

Ans. Since traffic fines sometimes generate several days after the incident is recorded / reported by the RTA, Publak Wheels blocks the deposit amount on a credit card as a safety net for fines incurred on their leased cars while they were rented by you. This also helps in times when a rental car is damaged by the driver.

Ans. Salik is Dubai’s electronic toll collection system. There are no toll booths in Dubai providing you a continuous drive across the UAE without any interruptions. When you cross a Salik, charges are also recorded by Publak Wheels through the RTA Salik system. You, the car renter / driver, pays the Salik charges.

Ans. No, not everyone can drive the car. An additional driver can be registered on the same hired car by submitting the required documents: copy of valid UAE driving license and visa.

Ans. You can contact us through email or phone. +971564872772, +923335561828 support@publakWheels.com