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The Story of an Unknown ISI Agent

(Aamer Habib Crime story Writer) Have you ever thought how some undercover or unknown soldiers perform their duty for the safety of Pakistan? How difficult situations they face and in what condition they live to obey the orders? Hamid was a RAW Agent who had entered in Pakistan on fake identity papers. He got a job as a driver of a Pakistan Atomic Energy Institution officer after bribing highly to some faithless recruiters but he was well satisfied as this minor job could prove exactly useful in fulfilling his actual purpose. His servant quarter was near to the office so he used to go and come back on feet. It had been an year that he came here. He noticed a mad beggar the moment he came there first, who used to lie or sit in a corner in front of his door, and he was still there after an year. His body was just a skeleton of bones, he wore a torn gown, his eyes were always red, and he always seemed totally disconnected and unconcerned of the world. He always stays the same in every condition of weather it is rain, sun or storm. If he somehow migrate, his migration was from the corner of Hamid’s home to the corner of his office. Hamid never felt any danger from this mad beggar, instead he was now used to him. One day Hamid received a secret message from another agent that it’s the time to fulfill the purpose for which he had been sent there. He packed a bag containing all the necessary things to perform the operation, took on a long black coat, put a black cap on his head and went off to steal the important information papers kept in the atomic office. He performed his duty cleverly, and was now smiling how easily he deceived this foolish nation. As he stepped out of the office, h found the same mad beggar standing in front of him who didn’t even give him a while to think and charged him a powerful punch. When Hamid opened his eyes, he was tied in his own quarter and the beggar was stood before him holding those secret information papers.
Hamid asked, ”I just wanna ask, who are you!” The beggar took out a pistol and replied, ”Surely I’ll fulfill your last wish to answer you for this. As you know me, I’m mad, mad in the love of my country! I’m one of those thousands of unknown soldiers who have sworn to cut each evil hand approaching our beloved Pakistan. And I am ISI!” A slight voice of a fire from silencered pistol echoed in the room and the next moment Hamid transferred from this life to another with eyes wide opened with surprise. Have you ever care or thought about these unknown soldiers who are performing their duties without caring for their lives to save and defend their country? Have you ever thought how difficult lives they live in danger, how much troubled they face, how they change their get ups not caring for their appearances, and what kind of conditions they live in to prove their love for this country? Salute to all such soldiers! For More News and Articles Click Here and for more Informative Videos and Programs a Watch Public TV Media.

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