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Just Courage Is Required, You Can! – Aamer Habib News Article about Transgender

(Aamer Habib News Reporter) The best example of proving oneself has been come to the sightby a transgender! Why we consider them inferior or nothing at all? Aren’t they human? A transgender human in Pakistan named as Marvia Malik left no choice for the public except embracing! She has become a newscaster and now earning respectably. She is the true example of courage and determination. She decided to prove herself, her ability and her guts to the world. She has showed that there is no shame in being a transgender, what matters is that you are a human and you have the right to live a respectable life. She has opened the way for all the other transgenders and has encouraged them to fight for their rights just like other humans. How the transgender family is being treated since ever, we all know well. Why don’t we think of them that how hard there life is in this society? Why we don’t give respect to them? Does our religion teaches us this, or it teaches us to consider all the humans as equal?
Then why we snatch the right of leading/spending a life of their choice from them? Why doesn’t any place is provided to them in the society? Isn’t it a matter of shame to us? On the other hand, the step taken by that transgender is a bold step which shows her courage and determination to prove that trangenders are not back, they are humans and are not less than any other. Time to appreciate and make your attitude positive towards them! For More News and Articles Click Here and for more Informative Videos and Programs a Watch Public TV Media.

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