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Internet Cafes – A Base of Immoral Activities – Aamer Habib News Article about Internet Cafes

Do you ever paid attention and tried to know what’s going on in the internet cafes? Do your children go there too? Thousands of Lahore’s internet cafes are now the sources of sexual crimes. Our bad luck is that we use even a useful thing or source in a negative way. The senseless people of this country have left no stone unturned to take advantage of anything towards which the public have interest. A single owner of an internet cafe is earning more than 2 lakh per month. When such an internet cafe was raided where these crimes were going on, a client told that police is involves in this matter, everyday police comes, take 500 to 1000 rupees on daily basis from every internet café and takes no notice about whatever goes on. The sad truth is that not only adults but children also go to these cafes where they use internet to watch porn videos and do immoral chats. At nights, these cafes are used for illegal sexual activities. To remember, in 2001, a shameful scandal came to the sight about internet cafes, after which many girls had committed suicide. Such cafes were then banned.
But now with the passage of time, once again these activities have been strengthened. Whom the helpless public can complaint when the police is itself involved in this crime? Do you keep an eye on your children where they go and which café they use? Why is the government so insensible to consider this problem? Who are the leaders and hand holders of this cursed business under the name of internet? Why this nation is so foolish to use every useful thing negatively? For More News, Articles and Informative Videos and Programs a Watch Public TV Media

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