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Difference between TV Anchor and News Reporter

Anchor and reporter give news through media. Both beautify the role of each other but not similar in all aspects. But it is not important that reporter in all aspects adorn the role of anchor. Reporter and anchor should change their role, but still they are different from each other. Both positions are properly named.
Reporter and anchor both work hard to bring latest news but if we see both reporter and anchor at same point we must notice that both tasks are totally different from each other.


A reporter’s work is not as easy as compare to anchor. Reporter collects current news while travels everywhere. Seminars, conference, donations ceremony and other ways give news to reporter. The reporters give this news while using their voice or write the news that they have collected.


An anchor is a person who face camera and conveys the news to the people. Anchor also called as anchor man, anchor woman, newscaster and news presenter. Anchor just go in the studio and delivers the news. Difference between Anchor and reporter:


Reporter writes their own news and records their contents before making the video and narrates all contents and finishes it .As a reporter you need to write and edit rapidly to make the news. Anchor’s work is not related with writing but related with editing. If you are anchor you have to edit news contents that are made for you to convey.it is not compulsory for anchor to maintain data, just to be aware with it before going broadcasting live.


To an ever increasing extent, reporters edit their own data and also go in field to collect new information. For this purpose reporter need their own team e.g. photographer, manager etc. photographers edit videos according to reporter demand e.g. specific sounds and sots combine by photographer in raw video. Frequently they will recut a voice over and sound nibble with refreshed data for a future show. After this entire process anchor bring video to the studio.
On the other side Anchors don’t need editing. Anchor receive package which is fully edited by editor. Sometimes anchors will edit the show itself from the creating end, which means they will recommend a specific request for stories or specific advances and shots on live air.


Reporters are responsible for two shows at a time to go live. They can do it through satellite and give introduction. They also report recorded shows they fed before. During live broadcasting they give directions to sound editors to add or cut sound track. Reporters search stories and add these stories to latest news.
Whereas anchors don’t go in depth reporting. They only search of new issues because news issues need new information. For proper information anchor, they compare and contrast shows to make assured they don’t say anything wrong.

Face value:

Anchors are more familiar than reporters. Anchors work is mostly link with stations. They attain more respect. Anchor paid more than reporter and also got experienced. Reporter got specific time to cover show. Whereas anchor only read story anchor face camera and viewer hear his voice throughout the show.


Traveling is main difference between anchor and reporter. Reporter spend more time on road. If you are reporter u have to go to road. But if you are reporter you just face camera.


Reporter gathers information and prepares script for interview. Reporter move outside for gather data but other side anchor only conduct interview.

Public appearance:

News anchors are very common faces in our homes. Anchors need more public appearance than reporter because anchors have to face public and host special events. Reporters may be make presences on some events, but those situations are very less.

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