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Child Smuggling _ A Moment to Raise Your Voice! – Aamer Habib News Article about Child Smuggling

PAKISTAN NEWS (Aamer Habib Anchor Person) Are the child smugglers human themselves or not? Even a cruel person melts in front of the innocence of a child, but what kind of cognates they are? They don’t have their own kids or they are senseless? Punjab Highway Patrol (PHP) recovered nine children who were being smuggled after getting kidnapped. They were highly feared and out not uttering even a single word. God knows better how they were kidnapped and after that what kind of torture they went through which brought that condition to them. When recovered, the eyes of each child were asking, “Have I done something?” Punjab Highway Patrol reunited the children with their parents. The feeling of happiness of those helpless children going back to their homes and families, as well as their parents’, who were finding their kids back, was unexplainable! But the question is, who are those savages running this illegal business and heading all this black market? It is said that children are like flowers and they trample and deplume these flowers.
What kind of stone-hearted and ruthless people they are whose hearts don’t have any soft corner for this innocent creature? Will this barbaric black market be eliminated ever from our country? Will anyone take step against it? Have the rulers ever tried to punish these culprits? What is the cause that this is still going on in our country? A moment to raise voice to save your children! For More News and Articles Click Here and for more Informative Videos and Programs a Watch Public TV Media.

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