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Campaign against Wall-Chalking – Aamer Habib News Article about Wall-Chalking

PAKISTAN NEWS:- (Aamer Habib News Caster) You have clearly seen the wall-chalking on almost every second wall of cities in Pakistan. How it looks? What impact it throws on the sight and mind? Do you know it is a kind of visual pollution? On 25th of December, 2017 a sensible group of boys determined and decided in accordance with the occasion to start a campaign against wall-chalking on the walls of City of Quaid, Karachi. Unlikely the groups who protest and picket forcefully, they decided to take permission from the government for this act so that no misunderstanding would be left. In the application, they mentioned clearly that it is a strife and trial to convince and encourage people to clean their areas and cities from this kind of visual pollution. The team went to the Commissioner Office to submit the application. After 3 days the application was returned with a suggestion to contact Deputy Commissioner Office. A letter was put on the group’s hand to go to the SSP office. After 2 days, SSP rejected to sign saying that the team should go to the relevant Police Station of the area. The police officers sent them to the relevant agency. The officials of the agency were not ready to sign the application. What to say about it? Are those who picket and protest openly against a matter on the roads showing their force right for this kind of government?
Then doesn’t it compel the public to illegally protest, campaign and show force to make their legal demands fulfilled? What kind of system is running in our country which doesn’t notice the illegal show of force in the protests but doesn’t allow for a legal act on request? Time to change the system! For More News and Articles Click Here and for more Informative Videos and Programs a Watch Public TV Media

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