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Business of Artificial Gems – Aamer Habib News Article about Business of Artificial Stones

PAKISTAN NEWS:- (Aamer Habib News Reporter) Can stones/gems change our lucks and affect us in a positive way? If yes, then only with the condition of being the real ones! But where this craft and skill has been turned to? A lot of so-called astrologers and gemologists are running the business of artificial stones. They first trap their prey by preparing an astronomical table with the name of relevant person and estimating the position of stars. Then they suggest him/her the suitable stones or gems matching their horoscopes and stars. The victim is forced to buy immediately the suggested gem, otherwise the leading planet would harm them seriously. Such possibilities of harms are described before the person that he/ she agrees to buy the relevant stone or germ at the spot. Then these money maker gemologists offer him/her that they contain it and in this way they demand a large amount as a price to that gem. Some other astrologists are committed with specific gem shop owners, so they send their clients to those shops specified. That’s how they both take advantage.
But the bitter reality is that more than 85% of gems and stones sold are fake or artificial, and people buy them by considering it a necessity to avoid the circulation of circumstances. How even educated people fall a prey to such astrologists and gemologists? Why they never care to judge before buying artificial gems for a heavy price? Why has the government not paid attention to this illegal business running almost in every big city of Pakistan? Have you ever tried to know the actual background of the astrologer or gemologist you goes to? Time to open your eyes! For More News and Articles Click Here and for more Informative Videos and Programs a Watch Public TV Media

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