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An Appeal to the Chief Justice – Aamer Habib News Article about Dam Construction

PAKISTAN NEWS:- (Aamer Habib Article Writer) The current Chief Justice of Pakistan is the only one who is working honestly for the well-being of public to such an extent. He has done a lot of those works which have never been done before by any other. It seems clearly that he is offering valuable services for the nation in a way by which the public have never been served. He is paying attention and taking notice of the cases related to every field i.e. education, health, corruption etc. He makes visits to hospitals, schools, colleges and courts personally to check for the conditions. But an important fact seeking attention is that water problem is at its peak in the country at the present. Pakistan is going to face a serious problem due to lack of water in the future. So the solution of this problem is necessary. It is a special appeal to Chief Justice in this respect to solve this problem before completing his rule. Now the question is, how the expenditure will be managed to solve this issue? A suggestion in this regard is that the fund can be managed by charging approximately 10,000 rupees for a date in the courts. It will be good on the other side in the way that the poor public who suffer from the fake cases will get saved when the dates will be avoided by the opposites.
For example, if 100 would be heard in a day, then 1 million can be get as a fund reserved for the construction of a dam which is the best solution to fulfill the water lacking. On the other hand, those who use to trouble others by accusing them involved in a fake case will avoid continuing it. One more thing, if a person found accusing another of a crime which he hasn’t committed, that person must be charged 2 to 4 lakh. If the mentioned steps can be taken, then they will provide the nation with 4 main benefits:
The funds for dam construction can be raised.
The poor public would get rid off the fake cases filed against them as opponents will avoid doing so fearing of the charge.
The cases will be solved earlier when the parties will avoid increasing the number of dates as they would have to pay each time.

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