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A Thrilling Murder Story! – Aamer Habib News Article about A Murder

(Aamer Habib Crime Reporter) To which direction the youth is going? Why they forget their own family when playing with the feeling of others? It isa story of the murder of SherAuwn, a young boy of 28. He was murdered at his own home. The first investigation report showed that SherAuwn was drunk when he got murdered. As a suspect, the police investigated one of his girlfriend whom he contacted the last time. The fact came to the light that SherAuwn was himself a flirt and he had affairs with many girls. When those girls want to get rid off him after came to know his other affairs, he used to blackmail them by saying that he had their videos which he would upload on social media. The girlfriend who was investigated told that she was so upset of his blackmailing that she discussed the matter with her cousin who was in love with her. She was sick off SherAuwn and then repenting on her mistakes. So her cousin promised to help her. The CCTV footage of the camera fixed at the front side of SherAuwn’s home showed her cousin running from the house after the murder occurred. So police arrested the cousin. But he revealed another fact. He admitted that he had gone there that night to threaten SherAuwn but when SherAuwn reached at the door, he was so drunk that he hardly opened the door lock and went in.
The cousin stepped after him in the house and was ready to take out the pistol when SherAuwn’s sister and mother had been found with a man who was blackmailing his sister in front of the mother showing some vulgar pictures of his sister, in the same way as SherAuwn used to do. SherAuwn shouted at the man and the man in return killed him at the spot. Seeing all this, the cousin ran away immediately. Had SherAuwn forgot that he also has a sister when running affairs and blackmailing the trapped girls? Why this all happening in our society? Is it a result of wrong training from parents who don’t pay attention to what their sons and daughters are doing? Or is it a negative impact of what they catch by mis-using internet? How long this practice of first trapping the girls, creating wrong relations, and then blackmailing them will continue? A moment of shame for the nation! For More News and Articles Click Here and for more Informative Videos and Programs a Watch Public TV Media.

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